I am generally a happy, easy-going kind of person. A "glass is half-full" kind of gal. I am a wife, mother, and educator. I love to read, write, and study new things. When I am not working on research about children writing in online spaces (my dissertation topic) or creating learning opportunities for teachers, I study how to bake and ice sugar cookies! I started exploring techniques with royal icing and sugar cookie recipes in 2012. (Funny, that's the same year I started working on my Ph.D. from Michigan State - Go Green!) Through creating a lot of messed up cookies I have learned a lot about what not to do! Over time, my successes became more frequent and I continued to improve my craft. But, what about that Ph.D.? I finally finished and graduated in May 2019!


Although I still have much to learn about making cookies (among many other things) friends and family have encouraged me to create cookies for a broader audience! I figured, why not! If nothing else, I will learn something new, for example, how to create a tiny baking business from my home aka Cottage Food Operation, CFO! See more about CFOs in the FAQs!


Already, while exploring other CFOs for business planning guidance, l learned something new about myself - how hard it is to charge a fair price for my product rather than just giving it away! This is something I will have to get used to if I am going to be the proud owner of a tiny on-the-side, just-for-fun, baking business!


Here goes nothin'!