You may have some questions! Here are a few answers!


Before we talk cookies, let's talk quotes! 

You may be wondering, what's up with the quotes. Because I am an educator (an elementary teacher at first and now a professional development provider) I can't help but value opportunities to ponder thoughtful words. Adding carefully selected quotes to my cookies seemed like a logical idea! It's my way of spreading joy not only with delicious and lovely cookies but scrumptious phrases for thinking! Feeding both the belly and the mind! Now, that's good stuff! 


Please read this important cookie and policy information before placing an order.




Please contact me for availability. Due to the unique, custom nature of the sugar cookie business, pricing depends on cookie size, design complexity, and packaging. Details and contact information can be found on the custom order pricing tab.

Cookie orders are made over a two to three day period. Day one is for mixing, rolling, cutting, and baking your cookies. Day two is for carefully icing your cookies. This takes several hours depending on the level of design detail. Most cookies require multiple phases of decorating and drying. The third day is for the completed cookie to dry before packaging (at least 8 hours). Cookies remain fresh while drying because of the moisture in the icing.


Cookie storage. After cookies have dried completely you can keep your cookies fresh for 5-10 days in airtight bags or containers at room temperature. (We have experimented and discovered the cookies will stay fresh up to three weeks in the cellophane sealed bags!) Freezing is recommended for longer storage, but icing may discolor or develop spots. Freeze in airtight bags or containers. Defrost at room temperature while in the container. Do not open the container while defrosting as this will cause condensation on the cookies.

Your order is not placed until we have met to confirm your cookie order design. You will receive a follow-up message confirming your design and order specifications along with payment information.

Order cancellations with a complete refund will only apply if made two weeks prior to small orders and three weeks prior to the pickup date for orders over two dozen. 


Cookies are made in a home kitchen CFO (Cottage Food Operation), registered with White Pine County in the state of Nevada. Cottage Food businesses are registered and licensed with county and local agencies and are approved by the Health Department for home kitchen use.  Nevada cottage food operations are not subject to government food safety inspection. Please note, my kitchen is NOT a nut-free space.